Friday, 31 October 2008

ホソミオツネントンボ (Indolestes peregrinus)、オツネントンボ(Sympecma paedisca paedisca)

ホソミオツネントンボ(Indolestes peregrinus)とオツネントンボ(Sympecma paedisca paedisca)です。

These are Hosomi otsunen tonbo (Indolestes peregrinus) and Otsunen tonbo (Sympecma paedisca paedisca).
These damselfly survives cold Japanese winter as an imago



spookydragonfly said...

Hello...What pretty damsel! I have a imago..what does that mean? Does it survive by burrowing underground perhaps?

Pseudothemis zonata said...

Good evening.
Hosomi otsunen tonbo survives with a figure of the damselfly without dying out in winter. They seem to live in the branch of the tree or the shade of the stone. But I have not yet watched them of the winter season.

Viooltje said...

Beautiful, exquisite photos and so glad I found a way to your blog through Wishnik Woods ;-)

Pseudothemis zonata said...

Good evening.
I ran in the hills and fields by mountain bicycle today for approximately 6 hours. I came home 30 minutes ago.
My answer was late. I apologize.
Wellcome to the world of the dragonfly.
Thank you very much for your splendid comment.