Saturday, 4 October 2008

オオアオイトトンボ(Lestes temporalis Selys) 1

今日の蜻蛉池、大型トンボの撮影は適いませんでした。奥の池で、オオアオイトトンボ(Lestes temporalis Selys)のペアーを見かけました。

オオアオイトトンボ(Lestes temporalis Selys)  Video 06

Dragonfly Workshopにも、先日、湿原で見かけたオオアオイトトンボをアップロードしています。

Today's dragonfly Pond, I were not able to do the photography of the large-sized dragonfly. In a back pond, I saw a pair of Oo ao Ito Tonbo (Lestes temporalis Selys).


spookydragonfly said...

Very stricking profile images...simple and beautiful. It's too cool here now for my dragons, so this fall and winter I will have to rely on my fellow bloggers to see new photos! At some point, I invite you to view my main blog, Wishnik Woods, at I have no great words of wisdom on plant advice, rather images and insights on what I call my "calm".
It's all the little things that bring me peace. Have a good day!(ha!-it's probably evening there?!)

Pseudothemis zonata said...

Good morning.
I have a look at your blog every day.
I like the color that you use and a design. The many photographs studded with in the space that you constituted feel like seeming to be a great number of stars which totally shine in your space. You showed splendid blog. I thank you.